mouse wheel / right click / click on stack: rotate tile
left click: place tile

tap on stack: rotate tile
hold: show placing options
tap: place tile

This project is inspired by DORFROMANTIK by Toukana.

This is an early prototype and not at all optimized.
There is no score an there is no goal. Just build a little island :)

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(5 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsCasual, Pixel Art, Relaxing


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cute!! is a nice way to experience dorfromantik before buying

thanks, there is also a free prototype of Dorfromantik:

It looks sweet. Thanks for making and sharing

This is amazing, wish I could play more of this as I'm not sure how long it'll take until I'm able to afford the original game. Could you please expand more on this?

Thank you very much, I will try but I can't rip off the complete original ;) But maybe it will become a mobile friendly alternative. Dorfromantik is only 9$ on Steam and certeinly there will be a sale again :)

Looks and feels just awesome 🌲🏘️🏡🌾


super cute and super cool!

Thank you :)